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(Metal Core) Her Eyes Bleed - Sitting on the comet's tail (demo)

Date: 04/30/2007

Artist: Her Eyes Bleed

Title: Sitting on the comet's tail (demo)

사운드 샘플을 들으시려면 노래 제목을 클릭하십시오.

국내 최대 락/메탈 전문 커뮤니티 "네이버락카페"의 회원들 중 멤버들이 오디션으로 선발되어 결성된 Metalcore 밴드 "Her Eyes Bleed" 의 데모 작업입니다.

Click on the song name to listening the sound sample.

This is a recording work of the metalcore band "Her Eyes Bleed" formed by the members selected from auditions among the members of "Naver Rock Cafe", the largest rock/metal community in the South korea.


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