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(Jazz) Choi se-jin - Back to the future

Date: 02/2007

Artist: Choi se-jin

Title: Back to the future

Bemsha Swing Four Brothers Social Call Loney One Now's the time I'm beiginning to see the light Futurity La Golondrina Breezing Along I'll love for sentimental reason Some where my love Speak Low Peanut Vender 여수 + 오빠생각 Sing Sing Sing (Video File)

사운드 샘플을 들으시려면 노래 제목을 클릭하십시오.

한국의 1세대 재즈 드러머 故 최세진 씨의 첫 솔로 앨범 Back To The Future입니다. Redhouse studio & entertainment에서 유통 중이며, 원하시는 분은 본사에 내방 혹은 온라인으로 구입이 가능하니 메일 보내주세요.

Click on the song name to view the sound sample.

Mr Choi Sai Jin is 1st generation of music industry of korea. And this album "Back To The Future" is his final album when his age 77. All songs are recorded live way. If you want buy this album please contact us.

전설의 재즈드러머 Jazz Drummer 故 최세진의 Rudy jazz sing sing sing 연주와 인터뷰.

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