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(Various) Piano sound sample of Redhouse studio

Date: Unknown

Artist: Unknown

Title: Unknown

사운드 샘플을 들으시려면 노래 제목을 클릭하십시오.

Redhouse Studio의 Yamaha C3A "Artistic edition" 핸드메이드 그랜드피아노로 녹음되었습니다. 피아노 실연으로 여러 곡들 중 일부분만 편집하였습니다. 믹싱 및 마스터링 또한 레드하우스에서 완료했습니다.

Click on the song name to view the sound sample.

This grand piano sound is Red House Studio's Yamaha C3A "Artistic Edition"(Hand maded). It was edited from many of songs which real grand piano recording. Mixing and Mastering was done by Redhouse studio also.


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