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(Modern Rock) Swimmin' Fish - Happy And'ing (1st album)


Swimmin' Fish

Happy And'ing (1st album)

사운드 샘플을 들으시려면 노래 제목을 클릭하십시오.

인디밴드 Swimmin' Fish 의 첫 번째 앨범입니다. Green Day, Simple Plan, New Found Glory로 대표되는 Pop Punk 스타일의 음악을 구사합니다.

레코딩, 믹싱, 마스터링 모두 레드하우스 스튜디오에서 진행하였습니다.

Click on the song name to view the sound sample.

This is the first EP of indie band Swimmin' Fish. Pop Punk style music, represented by Green Day, Simple Plan, and New Found Glory.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering was done by Red House Studio.


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