Red house Studio is wokring over 10 years for voice over industry.
    We offer from simple E-learning, interactive audio contents, TV/Radio AD and acting in video or video games and we provide not only korean, Chinese and Japanese but most of asian languages, Russian and Europe languages too.

  • Our system is running 24 hours, without holiday and manager, cheif recording engineer can speak Korean, Japanese and English so, when you have urgent issue we can respond immediately whenever.

    All of our voice talents is working professional industry and if you need more lower budget voice talent we can connect semi-professional voice talents also.

    For more detail infomations, please contact us.

    Major history of voice over.

    - Korean version localize voice recording and producing Game "TEST DRIVE" of ATARI (X-BOX 360)
    - worked as third party company for developing cellular phone voice recognition system of Nuance communication in US
    - Produced audio guide for oil-presure system of heavy construction gears of Volvo(Korean, Japanese, Thai).
    - Produced video advertisement of high school association of Ontario state in Canada.
    - Produced training audio content for new employee of multination fashion coperration H&M
    - Produce Japansese audio contents for security training program of Japanese phamarceutical company Astrazeneca and HIS
    - Produced audio contents about security education of Symantec company.
    - Produced technical audio guide for BMW S seriese vehicle.
    - Produced internal network audio guide in Japanese branch of BMW.
    - Produced audio contents for 2010 new items advertisement video of Ralphlauren and Polo.
    - Produced korean version advertisement video for CGV movie theater of Japanese Bandai Namco "Tekken 6".
    - Produce korean version of TV advertizement medicine "Otrivin" with Hogarth in UK
    - Produced security peocedure audio contecnt of jewel company "Cartier" korean and Japanese version
    - Produced sound of online game "EVE Online" japanses movie trailer.
    - Produced education program of sound contents of "Adobe".
    - Produced sound of "Transformer The Ride" TV AD of Universal Studio in Singapore.
    - Produced Korean audio manual of Windows 7.
    - Produced sound of “Arab Emirates airlines” and "Lufthansa airlines" TV AD.
    - Produced sound of "Pringles" Korean TV AD.
    - Made 27 languages voice recognition system DB of Samsung Smart TV
    - Produced Google Cloud system Korean audio guide
    - Produced Adobe Cloud system Korean audio guide
    - Produced voice over for Symantec Internet AD
    - Produced sound of SKII , FEDEX TV AD with Songzu Singapore(Korean version)
    - Produced sound of air freshener Lauderdale TV AD with (Hogarth Singapore)
    - Produced sound of General Electronic TV AD with Hub Plus
    - Produced sound of Gillette March 3 TV AD with Hub Plus
    - Produced sound of Car brand FIAT internet AD with Uvoices in Italy
    - Produced sound of Genting Group AD with Songzu in Singapore
    - Produced sound of Watch brand Rolex TV AD with Hogarth in UK