Red House Digital Studio operates full digital processes through a PC based hard disk recording system.
    We offer a DVD class 24bit 96Khz digital solution and more at a very low cost in a very comfortable atmosphere.
    You can track, mix and master all at once.
    If you want us introduce a Korean jacket CD designer, or a CD making company, we know company who more cheaper and will be a pleasure to do business with.


    - We can work 24hours, so if you have to do your work in short time, we can help you.

    - We have no limit to music style, from classic to extream music, we can handle it all.

    - You can finish tracking, mixing, mastering all at once.

    - We have large booth for choir and small orchestra (10 persons max) so,
       you can live style recording also

    - If you need a composer, an arranger or session player, you can use our networks for hiring.

    - If you want, we can introduce korean jaket desiner of CD and pressing CD company.

    - If you need MIDI source, we have a Giga studio and sample (almost 2TB byte),
       for you to record very high quality sound.

    - We offer airport pickup service and free hotel acommodation service.

    - Please check our sound samples in "sound sample" menu on left side of main page

    - We've done many of music style from classic, jazz, hiphop to even black metal.
       we don't have limit of music style
       Even we did and we are doing non-musical projects like as Siri, Samsung voice recognition system
      developing, TV commercial, animation and game.


    1. Pre-production
    - We have to decide concept of your recording works in this step, so we have to talk first detaily, now-a-days there are a lot's of music style.
    Actually I could say each band(or musician) has unique music style, Therefore I need reference CD and I have to know your music instrument and equipment.
    Please prepare reference music for pre-prouction

    ※ What is reference Music
    We are limited in talking about music style and tone, so I need know exactly what you want
    Reference music is what sounds you want (Drums, Guitar, Vocal etc.....)
    Please prepare MP3(morethan 192kbps), wav, flag, aiff file or CD.
    Plus, it contained lot's information of sound engineering side which you don't know such as
    space infomation, reverb , location of each instruments, depth and etc....

    2. Tracking
    - This step is real recording. This step inculdes tone making and it's very important, almost always decides sound quality.
    But your work is just playing well.

    3. Rough Mixing
    - This step is my special step.
    I will do basic processing of sound sources. Actually basic processing is almost same in every music style with following your reference music
    (compressing, basic EQing, etc..) -
    This is the best way to save time
    You don't need to come out to studio. just take a rest or travel
    It will be take a week per one album usually

    4. Mixing and Mastering
    - When I finish rough mixing, I will give you the mixed CD or send mixed files by email.
    Then you can listen carefully from your potable player or any other audio system and next,
    you can come to my studio to do mixing and mastering with us.
    I don't like to separate mixing and matsering ,Because there is a no way to fix a fault from tracking step in mixing and tracking step, plus client can listen matered audio then you can easily make a decision
    This step includes changing digital formats and CD burning.

    5. Music video (optional)
    If you want personal level or company level music video, we can arrange it
    Here are some personal level of music video samples of video artist. Please check it.



    Studio Fee 100$ per 1 H/Drums & Piano starts from 3 H
    Engineer Fee Included Studio Fee
    Rough Mixing Fee 200$ per 1 song
    Mixing and Mastering Fee 100$ per 1 hour
    Night work Fee add up 10$ per 1 hour
    Studio Packge 900$ for 10H, 1600$ for 20H,
    2100$ per 30 H
    Unlimited Time Packge Contact us
    (Deal with us per a project)
    Airport pickup $ 150 per 1 way (up to 3 persons)
    - if you have more than 3 persons, please contact us
    Night is PM 10:00 ~ Next Day AM : 10:00
    Hotel fee will take $ 70~$150 per 1day twin room usually
    Or you can book hostels in WWW.HOSTELWORLD.COM
    ※ Please let me know how many people come and the number of your equipment and instrument.